Professional Development

Training and Professional Development

Training is organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups; it is focused on changing knowledge, behaviours, skills or attitudes to enhance performance.

Here are examples of workshop topics that clients have received.

Supporting the Landscape of Life and Work

Training and Professional Development


"Coaching Skills" – Participants explore their own coaching style and develop an empowering way of coaching employees, without losing sight of individual performance standards and organizational results.

"Respect in the Workplace" – How to build a culture of appreciation, support and engagement; leaders and employees demonstrate actions consistent with Human Rights legislation.

"Moving from Conflict to Collaboration" – Participants identify factors which lead to conflict and strategies to resolve conflict.

"Dealing with Difficult People" - Participants develop communication skills to effectively deal with difficult people including:

  • Identifying differences in personalities

  • Clarifying the gap between expectations and the situation

  • Taking steps to successfully deal with the difficult person

  • Handling the pressure and after effects

"Managing Employee Performance" - Participants learn practical approaches to performance management including communication, delegation, development, performance reviews and other aspects of leadership

"Maximizing Personal Effectiveness" - Participants gain more vitality, personal power, self-confidence and tools to manage your stress, time and challenging experiences.

"Managing Change" - As a leader, what tools and approaches will be most successful to lead change initiatives? As an employee, how can you best navigate through the change experience?

"Powerful Communication" - Participants will identify sources of personal power and analyze their own communication effectiveness. They will recognize and differentiate between assertive and aggressive communication. They will choose strategies for greater personal impact.

 Many other topics and customized programs are available for leaders, employees, teams and groups.