What is Coaching?


Coaching supports personal and professional goals of clients. 


Here a few examples of what clients have wanted and received.


Supporting the Landscape of Life and Work



What is Coaching? (Based on the International Coaches Federation definition)



•    The coaching relationship is a highly effective way of unlocking the potential of the individual in order to maximize their performance.  

•    Coaching is about taking people from where they are now and moving them forwards to attain their self-chosen goals.

•    Coaching is a purposeful relationship supported by a trusting two-way partnership and constructive processes that enable another’s development and success by helping them achieve desired change and growth.

•    Coaching is a conversation where the coachee knows most of the answers.  The Coach is there to ask intelligent and insightful questions that will motivate the coachee to think and reflect on what they want to do or achieve.

•    A Qualified Coach follows ethical principles and standards of the International Coaches Federation


Coaching takes place through conversations (and coaching models) that help clients identify and move forward through challenges, opportunities and difficulties.


Many of Kay’s clients have been executives, leaders and employees in organizations. Others have been self-employed individuals or leaders and volunteers in non-profit organizations.

The range of issues that clients have wanted to address has varied.  Some have focused on their careers.  Others have navigated conflicts with a boss or peer.  Some leaders have wanted a strong start as a new leader.  Another wanted to strengthen his leadership skills.  Yet another wanted to resolve issues arising from managing a global team from afar.  

Some have struggled with the dynamics in their work group and wanted to build a more collaborative situation.  Workload and work-life balance have been areas of challenge.  Retirement and “life’s next steps” have been focus areas. Handling family issues and balancing them with work has been another area of focus.  

There is not really a line in coaching between life and work.  Coaching takes into consideration who we are and what is important to us, what we want to achieve and how we can get there.